Club email list...

The club's email list is the most effective way of keeping up with club activities and scuba opportunities around campus.

How much mail will I get? Will I get spam?

The email list is used primarily to announce club events and therefore does not generate a lot of email to fill your inbox. On average you may receive 1 to 3 messages a week.

In order to curb spam, the email list is moderated so that only things appropriate for the club are sent to the members.

Don't let moderation discourage you from emailing the list; moderation is mainly a way of preventing spam.

Who can join the list?

List membership is open to anyone.

Club membership is limited to University Park students, faculty, and staff. Community members are not allowed to participate with the club and will find limited benefit in being subscribed to the email list.

What are the rules?

  1. NO Flaming, NO Spamming, NO Foul Language, NO Commercial Advertising, NO Chain Letters, NO Disruptive or Abusive Behavior. Enough Said!

  2. DO NOT WRITE MESSAGES IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. It has been proven by University studies that all capital letters are harder to read than mixed case letters. Many Internet users also consider all capital letters shouting.

  3. Due to the wide and potentially international distribution of the list, we ask that you refrain from using attachments with your messages, keep quoted text on replies to a minimum, and that you take personal discussions (that do not benefit the group as a whole) off the list and into private email. Please use private email for sending attachments as well.

  4. This is a moderated list so that the content and frequency of the email messages can be controlled by the list owners. You can still send your posts to the list, but they must be approved by one of the owners before the message is distributed to all of the subscribers.


How Do I Sign Up?

Fill out the subscribe form.

How Do I Get Off the List?

Fill out the unsubscribe form.

How Do I Send a Message to the List?

Address your email to: